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The Jordan Lang Podcast

Jun 9, 2021

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Jordan Lang Podcast! We are continuing Season 1’s theme of emotional and mental wellness with today’s episode which is a conversation on Conscious Relationships with Cassandra Solano

Cassandra is a Xicanx licensed clinical social worker in California and a conscious relationship coach. They have been counseling since 2006 in various settings from drug treatment to running a large mental health program serving the homeless and formerly incarcerated populations. They've been in private practice for over a year serving women and couples online all over the world to identify how their childhood trauma is impacting their adult relationships to get clarity and the love they want.

Cassandra is a sober parent of 3 plus one bonus kid, a survivor of childhood emotional abuse, domestic violence and is remarried after struggling for a decade in their first toxic marriage. They use a mind body spirit approach in helping their clients and enjoys integrating psychology, neuroscience and spirituality to help clients transform their lives.

Episode 06 Touches On:

  • What it means to have a conscious relationship
  • The importance of trauma-informed education and providing  safe and connected spaces as a Conscious Relationship Coach
  • Focusing on individual inner work first before doing anything else
  • Relationships as a means to trigger us and to trigger our childhood wounds so we can heal and grow
  • Benefits of Conscious Relationships Coaching
  • Advice for those who may be currently struggling in their relationships


Quotes from this episode:

  • If we’re constantly living in the fight, flight, fawn or freeze mode, we’re not going to be able to learn how to change or respond differently.
  • The goal isn’t that you’re perfectly regulated or perfectly calm or perfectly anything 100% of the time. You’re human. It’s about recognizing and course correcting and bringing yourself back faster and faster as time goes on.


Check out the blog which coincides with this episode for a more in-depth look at the conversation + access to the episode recording and YouTube video.

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